Sarapultseva EI, Igolkina JV, Litovchenko AV.

Evaluation of the Maximum Permissible Level of Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation at Mobile Connection Frequency (1 GHz) by Changes in Motor Activity of Spirostomum Ambiguum
Bull Exp Biol Med. 2009 Apr;147(4):431-3.

Sarapultseva EI, Igolkina JV, Litovchenko AV.

Department of Biology, State Technological University of Atomic Energy, Obninsk, Russia.

1000 MHz
10 µW/cm2

: Electromagnetic radiation at the mobile connection frequency (1 GHz) at maximum energy flow density (10 microW/cm(2)) permitted in Russia causes serious functional disorders in the studied unicellular hydrobionts infusoria Spirostomum ambiguum: reduction of their spontaneous motor activity. The form of biological reaction is uncommon: the effect is threshold, overall, and does not depend on the duration of microwave exposure.

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